Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know which size to choose?

Please, refer to the grid bellow to find your size.

Why are there so few items in my size?

Vn Atelier colections are designed and manufactured in limmited qauntities. The focus is on design and language, so it ispossible to create a wide collection, but with limitted quantities in each size. Some of the more elaborate pieces willeven be completely unique.

Will I be able to use your bespoke services outside of Portugal?

If you do not live in Portugal, but will be in the country long enough for fittings to take place, then you should absolutely book your appointment with us. At this time, however, it is not possible for us to offer this service to anyone else outside of the countr. Stay tuned, though, we'd love to make that dream come true.

Why would I pay a fee to book an appointment for your Bespoke services?

Our bespoke appointments mean reserving time from our callendar to serve our clients. Unfortunately, last minute cancelations happen frequently, which makes it impossible, most of the time, for us to book other clients interested in our services. For this reason, bookings now come with a 50€ fee. This ammount will be deducted from the final cost, but it will not be returned in case of cancelation by the client.